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Audience to Audience at the Lab Gallery
October 20- 24. A performance installation
by Veronika Spierenburg and Sophie Loss
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LAB Gallery
2007 Trailer
Recent Openings:
Lutz Rath
speaks Kurt Switters' “Ur Sonate”
Ooctober 15 & 17
an installation by Janet Bellotto
Curator: Kóan Jeff Baysa
09.05.08 - 09.27.08
Video Interview with curator Kóan Jeff Baysa
Alter-Destiny 888
by Denenge Akpem
08-08-08 – 08-29-08
Beauty Concealed
by Cat Montégut and Grace Rim
Curated by Robert C. Morgan
July 4, 2008 - July 25, 2008

Romper Room
by Kata Mejia and Rodney Dickson
June 6 -28, 2008

The Duality of Light Without Violence
by Rachel Hayes
May 9-30, 2008

Upcoming Shows:
Past Openings:
Homage to a hero
October 29 – November 2
by Kata Mejia

March 21-31: Flight of Fantasy
by Yuliya Lanina With C. Eule Dance Company
July 15-20: “Inside-Out”
by Mark Wiener