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Roger Smith News is everything Roger Smith. Are you hip enough to "get"  this mysterious statement that perhaps lends some sort of chic to this site? The new owners of the domain provide content from the site's archived pages. Perhaps the inadvertant visitor can figure it out, although we suspect this was a means to actually promote the Roger Smith Hotel.
Do note that the Roger Smith Hotel, a 3 star hotel is still active in NYC and accepting reservations. If interested, go to their website at:
The below content is from the site's 2007 - 2014 archived pages.


“Roger Smith News is everything Roger Smith. 
Roger Smith is the Art of hospitality, 
the Art of food, and the Art of things.”


Who is Roger Smith?

James Knowles suggests

I currently think of him as a French Canadian voyageur who became intrigued by the southerly waters and paddled his canoe down from Lake Champlain, down the Hudson River to its mouth and then making an unfortunate turn down what is now the East River. He became embroiled in the confluence of water flows as the East River meets the influx from Long Island Sound. He was dumped into the waters along with his eight Indian paddlers and an old friend named Murray. Everything lost, wet and bedraggled, they made land about where the United Nations stands so monarchically today.

I refer to him as Roger with a French accent.

Perhaps his name was derived from the marriage of a Roger and a Smith, and originally Roger-Smith was a woman. The product of a French and English love affair on an island up in the great St. Lawrence River, the highway to the American Heartland. Her father Adolfe Roger would have married Jane Smith in 1668. Their daughter, the original Roger-Smith, was named Lily and bore a marvelous but intenerate adventurer and the son was therefore named after his mother. Jean Roger-Smith anglicized his name to John after the East River Debacle around the turn of the century (ca.1701).

Or was he an Amazonian adventurer, who robbed banks and knew Pancho Villa, and ennobled many acquaintances by his wisdom and presence... a brave and valiant warrior for peace.

It could have been none of this and referred to an unhappy but successful merchant from Bridgeport whose history embarrassed him it was so dull.

My feeling is that Roger Smith was curious, innovative, adventuresome and interested in the world. You'd love to sense him drinking next to you. He'd give you feeling of the grandeur of the world and consequently the importance you have in the cosmos. For that you would always be in his debt. But he'd be a traveling man. You'd only know him in passing. But you'd think again and again in your life, I wonder what Roger would have done in these circumstances.


THE LAB (for installation + performance art)

The Lab Mission Statement 

THE LAB (for installation + performance art) is a New York based, converted storefront turned fishbowl producing 30+ fast paced performance art and installation exhibitions annually. Aimed at furious midtown foot traffic, THE LAB’s programming is designed to confront modern relationships between art and audience and seeks to force interaction between high energy, “outropsective” exhibitions and nearly 25,000 daily passersby. It is THE LAB’s goal to reach out through the glass and capture, fascinate, amuse, bemuse, soothe, shake and satisfy any and all who pass within eye or ear shot of the corner of 47th and Lex.

Audience to Audience

Audience to Audience at the Lab Gallery
October 20- 24. A performance installation 
by Veronika Spierenburg and Sophie Loss 
Video on

LAB Gallery 
2007 Trailer



Recent Openings:


Lutz Rath
speaks Kurt Switters' “Ur Sonate”
Ooctober 15 & 17, 2008

On October 15 & 17, performer and world renowned cellist Lutz Rath performed "Ur Sonate" from inside the LAB Gallery's glass box. Originally "composed" by German DADA painter Kurt Schwitters between 1922 and 1932, "Ur Sonate", described best as a long tone poem or "inappropriate music", is a solo voice piece made up of absurd rhythmic combinations of consonants and vowels based on the German alphabet. It is thought that Schwitters, either consciously or subconsciously, was imitating the insanity of speeches in the early Nazi period. There is not a single word in the 45 minute, four movement piece. Schwitter's art was eventually declared "degenerate" and banned from public viewing.

an installation by Janet Bellotto

Curator: /"Kóan Jeff Baysa
09.05.08 - 09.27.08
Video Interview with curator Kóan Jeff Baysa

As pirates have taken to the streams of the Internet and Art appears to be migrating around the globe, almost seamlessly, the stability of our environment becomes evermore important. Oceans and distance are no longer barriers for communication - we weave our daily messages through virtual postboxes and travel along virtual conduits. The space between the real and illusory world becomes blurred, and begins to drown in broken links, frozen images and mixed messages. With a bustling area outside of the glass box, Wave presents objects and places that seem to float away through an installation that uses video, lenticular photography and sculpture. Wave attempts to capture and also question the changing nature of our environment and the possibility of a new Atlantis resurfacing. Ultimately Wave is about that moment looming.

A catalogue of Janet Bellotto's recent works, "Wave, and Otherwordly Stories" will accompany the exhibition, with essays by Kóan Jeff Baysa and Raul Zamudio.

Janet Bellotto is an artist, writer and curator, from Toronto currently working in Dubai.

Alter-Destiny 888
by Denenge Akpem
08-08-08 – 08-29-08

This time-based work will be undergoing a transformation of space/installation and performance over the course of the exhibition. For daily photographs and video, visit

Situated in both physical and cyber space, Nigerian-born artist D. Denenge Akpem's sculpted performances are a critical representation of identity asking the question, "Who controls the future?". Reworking archetypes and fairy tales into live self-portraits, Akpem creates new iconographies via a process of "re-mixing", using coded layers of both symbol and sound to map methodologies of freedom informed by post-colonialism and challenges in the development of new hybrid identities based on reconfigured concepts of self and nation-hood. Her figures serve as simultaneously repellent and seductive guides through a liminal state in fantastical afri-sci-fi spaces where the barriers between performer and audience --the viewer and the viewed-- seem to disappear. Her performances tickle and taunt the senses as they redefine the parameters of body and space, proposing new models of desire, need and interaction.

Performance dates:

Friday, August 8

Monday, August 11
Tuesday, August 12
Wednesday, August 13
Thursday, August 14

Monday, August 18
Tuesday, August 19
Wednesday, August 20
Thursday, August 21

Monday, August 25
Tuesday, August 26

All performances start at 5pm.


Beauty Concealed
by Cat Montégut and Grace Rim
Curated by Robert C. Morgan
July 4, 2008 - July 25, 2008

by Cat Montégut and Grace Rim
Curated by Robert C. Morgan
July 4, 2008 - July 25, 2008

Born in French-occupied Algeria in the early fifties, Cat represents a cross-cultural point of view regarding beauty and femininity. As an artist, her work emphasizes concealment as the true representation of dignity. Feminine beauty is not within the realm of the obvious. How a woman conceals herself is the most alluring aspect of her nature, the most subtle nuance by which to express her beauty. Cat believes that feminine dignity is something erotically imagined. In her words: “Traditional conservatism or orthodox values are mostly worn with dignity and do not impede the freedom of an erotic imagination or feeling. Women behind the chador are as attractive as women in other cultures. Their veil expressing adherence surrounds them with an additional mystical charisma.” The Middle East, including North Africa offers a distinct conceptual difference of feminine beauty from the way beauty is expressed through outward manifestations in the West.

While East Asian women express another point of view, depending on the specific culture, the adherence to privacy and respect is equal in many ways to women in the Middle East. The Korean-born artist Grace Rim is interested in the meditation process of wish fulfillment. This is expressed through drawing circles within a linear continuous sequence. Each small circle is a representation of inner harmony from which the true nature of beauty resides. The outward manifestation of beauty is the result of an inner-harmony, the balance between a mental and physical awareness of beauty. For example, the feminine manifestation of beauty in Kwannon, the androgynous Bodhisattva, transforms the energy of the worshipper in order to fulfill the Dharma of existence.

Cat and Grace Rim have known and respected each other's work for many years. This exhibition reveals a comparison of two concepts of feminine beauty as experienced in two cultures. In either case, the source of beauty emanates from within. The internal temporality of Eros may be significant and therefore more powerful than the public desire to reveal itself. This offers a challenge to the Western idea that feminine beauty depends on the allure of fashion and glamour. -Robert C. Morgan, Curator


Romper Room
by Kata Mejia and Rodney Dickson 
June 6 -28, 2008 

Kata Mejia
Inspired by issues of violence, chaos, order, and the rhythmic patterns of rituals, Kata’s work uses repetition to deal with those moments when rational thought is so deeply affected by chaos and disruption as to cause a state of emergency within us. The images in her work address domestic and social problems such as the plight of women, violence, and kidnapping. Her work has become a reaction to the violence she witnessed and experienced in her homeland, Colombia.

Rodney Dickson 
Born in 1956 in Northern Ireland, Rodney grew up during the troubled years of civil disorder that engulfed that country. Having drawn and painted since a child, he has reacted to his early experience by considering the futility and hypocrisy of war through art. With time he developed an interest in Vietnam and Cambodia where he has researched extensively and completed a number of art projects since 1992. There he witnessed the aftermath of conflict in its indiscriminately brutal form: it is from this point that his work proceeds.

The Duality of Light Without Violence
by Rachel Hayes
May 9-30, 2008 

Inside and Outside, Homespun and Haute, Reflections and Shadows, Sacred and Secular, Revealing and Concealing, Lithe and Dense…”The Duality of  Light Without Violence” will be an unattainable environment to the passing viewers, leaving the installation to be a ‘color shelter’ enclosed within the gallery.


Past Openings:



Homage to a hero
October 29 – November 2
by Kata Mejia 

''Homage to a Hero'' is the third performance of three and commemorates the one year anniversary of the artist’s youngest brother being murdered. It is a performance installation to pay homage to his life which he sacrificed
to save his loved ones. The second and third performances of the three were conceived after his death yet all are related.

This trilogy began with "Beyond The Threshold" which explored the idea of transcendence. It continued with "Healing" which explored the pain and suffering associated with the loss of a loved one and concludes with "Homage to a Hero".

“Homage to a Hero” is a two day performance Installation that recreates a farewell ritual. On the anniversary of her murdered brother’s birthday that would have been his 22nd, the artist symbolically guides her hero brother to the eternal realm.

March 21-31: Flight of Fantasy 
by Yuliya Lanina With C. Eule Dance Company 

The installation will consist of a window display composed of a variety of props and materials, including grass, trees, dolls, feathers, flowers and fabrics that would extend into a gallery space, creating a imaginative forest-like environment.  An animation, projected on the back wall, will be continuously playing over the course of the show (accept for during the performances).   Several dancers from the C. Eule Dance Company ) will be bringing Lanina's costumes and images to life with dance performances at 6pm on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday both weeks.  The performances will be based on improvisations and choreography created during rehearsals that will take place during the daytime, where passersby can observe the rehearsal process.

July 15-20: “Inside-Out”
by Mark Wiener 

There are moments that you wish you can get inside, then out again, then inside one more time, these moments are what "Inside Out" is all about. Using all surfaces of the Lab, I will explore my visual language past the edges of the canvas, in a 3-dimensional environment . Working “inside out” will bring the layers and dimensions built into my single-surface works out to play on the walls, floors, and windows of the Lab, for an experience of partaking of the process and seeing from a new point-of view.






Hotel News


Roger Smith Suites are the best in town! Living rooms in our suites range from 273 square feet to 340 square feet, while the bedrooms range from 170 square feet to 198 square feet. The master bedrooms in our Deluxe Suites, like all of the guestrooms that face the East River, enjoy corner-size space and natural light without a street presence. A great find in the heart of Midtown Manhattan lodging accommodations!

Location: 501 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10017

Family-owned since 1929, this offbeat hotel in a Midtown building decorated with modern art is a 5-minute walk from Grand Central Station and 4 blocks from the United Nations. 

Featuring live plants and quaint wooden furniture, the homey rooms offer minifridges, free Wi-Fi, iPod docks and coffeemakers. Studios add sofabeds. Airy 1- and 2-bedroom suites offer kitchenettes and living rooms; some have dining tables and/or fireplaces.

Continental breakfast is complimentary. Other amenities include a lively ground-floor cocktail lounge and a seasonal rooftop bar with city views. There's also a market with 3 pop-up shops. Parking is extra.

A roger smith snapshot of James Knowles from the Starlight Ballroom.
The snapshot is from the Live broadcast on November 6, 2008.

Brown Bag Lunch Lecture with Justin Ferate

Lobby Series:

Love at First Sight
The Molly Barnes New York Collection   
Roger Smith Running Team

Lobby Series:

Women Shoot Women
Contemporary Interpretations of Formal Portraiture
April 4 - June 29, 2008
Curated by Karen Florek
Sam Lardner & Barcelona
Wednesday, June 4th, 2008         
The Fourth Sundays Chamber Music Series        
Second Sundays Classical Guitar Series 


Lobby Series: Women Shoot Women:

Women Shoot Women: 
Contemporary Interpretations of Formal Portraiture
April 4 - June 29, 2008 . On View 24/7
Curated by Karen Florek

The assumption still exists that portraits of women that are provocative or sexually charged must have been photographed by a man. Why else would a woman clad only in lingerie gaze so directly into the lens? Photographer Rachael Dunville confides that this happens to her all the time. "Oh you are the photographer?" surprised viewers ask. And why not a woman? The female artists in this exhibition, by boldly asking their subjects to show who they are, expose the desire, defiance, mystery and humor that run just below the surface of our lives.
"This is the year of the woman and we've worked hard to get here. In the early days of the 20th Century women couldn't go to art schools, they couldn't rent studios or get included in shows unless they changed their names. In this present photography show curated by Los Angeles photographer Karen Florek we see just how far women have come. These 12 photographers photographing other women, with both lust and passion, show we've come a long way."
-Molly Barnes, art dealer and radio personality.

List of Exhibitors
Polly Chandler. Rachael Dunville
Jessica Todd Harper . Cheryl Himmelstein
Joanne Kim . Wendy Marvel
Diane Meyer . Lydia Panas
Dominique Paul . Marisa Portolese
Melisa Sharpe . Aline Smithson



Lily's Restaurant 2008

Breakfast | Lunch | Brunch | Dinner

Located at 501 Lexington Ave (@47th) NYC
(212) 838 0844

Lily's Restaurant is an eclectic vibrant midtown eatery with a chic “Roger Smith” appeal.

Lilys Restaurant (501 Lexington Avenue between 47th and 48th Streets) is proud to announce that Daniel Mowles, has accepted the position of Chef de Cuisine at the beloved mid-town restaurant. Mowles, received his culinary education at the renowned Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute in London where he finished top of his class. His latest position was at the very popular Setai Hotel in Miami.
Mowles brings a bold and innovative New American Cuisine with fresh local flavors to the table at Lily's.

Lily's Restaurant introduces new dinner menu by Daniel Mowles, Chef de Cuisin


served monday to saturday 5pm - 10pm

all dishes are shown with our suggested wine pairings

day boat scallops 
seared scallops, vanilla carrot puree 
cape mentelle sauvignon blanc margaret river australia 2007

celery root soup
with chanterelle mushrooms
bistro pinot noir france 2005

truffle oysters
served over a baguette, thyme, truffle butter

hahn estates chardonnay california  2007

house cured salmon 
bosc pears, citrus vinaigrette, pea shoots
cycles gladiator pinot grigio california 2007

arugula and apple salad
arugula, green apple, black walnuts,
maytag blue cheese & black currant reduction
zenato lugana veneto italy  2007

warm fall vegetables 
dijon vinaigrette, lemon thyme
bin 36 merlot california 2005


veal chop 
seared fingerling gruyere mash, haricot verts
port wine demi glace
allegrini valpolicella veneto italy 2007

bistro cornish hen 
whole grain mustard, lemon thyme,
fingerling potatoes, warm water cress
hahn estates chardonnay california  2007

seared duck breast
butternut squash puree, lobster mushrooms & truffle verjus
two brothers big tattoo red chile 2006

red snapper
roast fennel, yellow tomatoes & champagne mussel broth
licia albarniño rias baixas spain 2006

aged strip loin
gnocchi, wild mushrooms, gorgonzola cream
gazur ribera del duero spain 2006

braised lamb shank
fingerling mash, crispy bacon, portabella jus
hahn ‘slh’ santa lucia highlands syrah 2006

confit portabella
crispy goats cheese, heirloom carrots,
red pepper cream and puff pastry
cycles gladiator central coast cabernet sauvignon  2006



barkingdognews a part of rogersmithnews


Evolver: Wake Up and Dream
by Jonathan Phillips

Reality Sandwich & Jivamukti Yoga School Present...
Saturday February 2, 8pm - 4am
What happens when America's most visionary city starts building a new world by living out its dreams?

Chakra balancing with Lisa Paul Streitfeld, Eule Dance: "Flight of Fantasy" with video by Yuliya Lanina, ecstatic drumming with Jay Michaelson, hula-hoop instruction with Stephanie Radia, "INFINITY" mannequin installation with Kundalini Couture/Wearable Art by Selma Karaca and video by John Knowles.